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Buying new clothes has never been easier, faster, or cheaper than it is now, and these are all because of how the fast fashion industry has taken hold of our culture. As a result, people are always on the lookout for the trendiest and most fashionable outfits they could brag in their social media posts. 

In other words, shopping for clothing now becomes a regular event for many consumers. But is it really necessary? Isn’t it a huge waste of money to keep on buying new apparel when you could still fit your old suit pants by simply making minor adjustments to them?

Stop making those unnecessary purchases! It’s time to custom-tailor all those rarely-used clothing items in your wardrobe without costing you much. With  Couture Clean New York’s top-notch alteration services in NYC, your dress can look exactly as you want it.

Get all your clothing alterations and repairs done in New York with us!

Is There Really A Need to Buy New Clothes for Every Event?

It’s nice to treat yourself to new clothes every now and then if they give you a boost of confidence in your everyday dealings. However, if you do this because you’re envious that others have things you don’t have, or perhaps you believe you should have whatever you want,  this sense of entitlement can spiral out of control.

While buying a new dress for every single occasion is a matter of personal choice, it’s equally important to consider whether doing so is practical and sustainable. Especially for expensive pieces such as a couture gown or leather jacket, there’s no point in spending again if you already have one. Getting excellent and quick service from clothing alterations specialists is the way to go.

If you want your suit tailored by repair and alterations experts in New York, Couture Clean New York will always provide the best services in the area. We also handle special items like wedding dresses, evening gowns, graduation outfits, and more!  

What Makes Clothing Alterations and Repair Services A Good Investment

In a 2017 survey conducted in the US about the reasons people buy new clothes, the top two reasons are (1) because old pieces no longer fit; and (2) because old pieces are worn out. Imagine the volume of clothes that could have been used still if alterations and repair services had been available. 

And so, are such services really worth the investment? Indeed, they are, for the following reasons:

1. They are a cost-effective alternative.

If you are budget-conscious and prefer to save money whenever possible alterations and repairs are an affordable alternative to replacing entire garments. This appeals to a broad range of customers, including students, young professionals, and families on a tight budget. 

2. The demand for tailored clothing is on the rise.

Imagine seeing someone wear the same exact clothes you’re wearing for that day. Same color, same design, and same accessories – that’s how mass-produced clothing works. But with expert alterations, you can achieve the perfect fit you desire, and above all, express your individuality and stand out from the crowd.

3. They are sustainable and practical.

According to the UN, the fashion industry is responsible for 8-10% of global emissions – more than aviation and shipping combined. You can have your clothes adjusted or repaired instead of discarding them just because they have minor flaws or no longer fit properly. This approach significantly cuts down on waste and new clothing expenditures.

When Should You Invest in Alterations and Repair Services?

Professional tailors know how to fit everything from suits to jacket sleeves exactly to your frame, not just fix small rips or slippery straps. Tailoring and alterations can completely transform your wardrobe and the way that you feel in your clothing.

But still, it is an added investment that you need to be willing to make. So it’s only prudent that you know the right circumstances that call for this kind of service. So here are three situations in which you should invest in alterations:

1.  New Clothes

It’s best to invest in alterations when you buy new clothing, especially when the garments are expensive and you intend to wear them for a long time. Aside from getting the ideal fit, alterations allow your clothing to evolve with you for years to come. In this way, you can still wear your pricey clothing if your body size changes.

2. Favorite Garments

We all have our own favorite clothes, like ones that are comfortable, made of a fabric we like, or manufactured by a brand we support. With alterations, you can continue wearing your favorite garments as long as you like since professional tailors can adjust the fit to your preferences over time.

3. Clothes for Special Occasions

Your clothes must should you feel confident on your most important days and alterations can help you with that. Whether it’s a wedding dress, a homecoming outfit, or a prom gown, alterations can make them fit you perfectly even after years have passed. 

Couture Clean New – The Tailors of Choice for New Yorkers!

No matter how expensive a dress you are wearing if it doesn’t fit you perfectly, it will not make your look good. Here at Couture Clean New York, our repair and alterations experts can bring drastically amazing changes to your look.

We offer the best service in New York, accepting items ranging from your daily wear, pants and skirts, high-quality classics and designer items, and formal clothes. We also do wedding dress alterations in addition to our wedding dress cleaning and preservations services.

If you also need a well-regarded cleaning company to handle your dry cleaning and laundry needs, Couture Clean New York is the company to call!

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Some of our most popular alterations services:

Zipper Replacement

If your zipper stops working, our team can replace them and get them working better than new.

Lengthen/Shorten Hems

If your pants don’t fit just right, our expert alterations team can make them a little bit shorter or longer at the hem.

Hem Dresses & Skirts

Just like your pants, we can adjust the length of your gowns, dresses, and skirts.

Taking Sides In or Out

We can adjust the width of your dresses and skirts by taking in or out the sides of your garment.


We can repair jacket linings if they become ripped, worn, or torn.


Our expert alterations specialists can shorten or lengthen the cuffs of your shirts and coats to make sure you have that perfect fit.

Re-sew Button/Clasp

You don’t have to throw those clothes away when the buttons or clasps break.  Bring us your broken buttons and clasps for us to repair or replace.

Waist Splitting

Let us split the waste of your pants to allow them extra movement and extra space without pressure on your waist.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alterations

How long does the alterations process take?

Our alterations process can take from 1-2 weeks, depending on the complication of the project.

How much does the alterations process cost?

prices vary by project.  Call us or message us and explain the project to get your best estimate

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